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About Curly & Co Hair

Your Curls, Our Passion

At Curly & Co Hair, we celebrate and elevate the authentic beauty of your curls. As a specialist curly hair salon, our team has the expertise, skills, and commitment to enhance your connection with your wavy, spiral or curly hair.




Embracing Natural Beauty

Come and discover our dedicated curly hair salon, an inviting space where natural, authentic beauty is celebrated, and transformations happen daily. Our team radiates sincere warmth, compassion and integrity, and we ensure every guest feels pampered and nurtured.

Our mission is simple yet profound: To empower the curly community to style their own hair with confidence, whether for daily wear or special occasions. It's about embracing your inner beauty and loving every aspect of yourself. Through our specialist services, from personalised curl coaching to de-colouring and embracing natural grey, we strive to guide our guests towards self-acceptance and curl pride.

What We Offer: Beyond the Haircut

Unique Hair Solutions

At Curly & Co Hair, we understand the unique challenges that only curly-haired folks face. Our internationally trained hairdressers are more than hair stylists; they are curly hair masters. From maximising your curl potential to professional hair treatments to crafting a haircut uniquely tailored to you, we offer a holistic approach to curly hair care.

Our point of difference lies in our understanding and celebration of curly hair's unique needs. Distancing ourselves from the mainstream hairdressing model, we foster a relationship with our guests that transcends the salon chair. Our approach allows for fewer visits, promoting independence in managing and loving your curls year-round.

Education & Empowerment

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to curls. We are committed to educating our guests about their curls, offering tips, tricks as your curl journey progresses and product recommendations to adapt to your hair’s progress. This ensures that your curls remain vibrant and healthy, even when you're away from our salon.

Curated Curly Hair Products

While Curly & Co Hair is primarily about curly hair cutting and styling treatments and consultations, we emphasise the importance of a great wash day to get the best long-lasting results that save time and money. We emphasise the importance of curl care products of a high standard without the rubbish that weakens and clogs hair strands that cause curls to flop and frizz. Instead, we advocate the 50/50 combination of both quality products and techniques to elevate your end result at home.

We carefully select and recommend specific curly hair products that complement and increase hydration while strengthening your curls. Our team provides expert tips on product use, based on our hands-on experience with using these products in the salon. We note fragrance strength, value for money and other personal notes for our amazing guests. Clients can conveniently reorder their favourite products online, ensuring that quality curl care is always within reach.

Meet Curly & Co Hair Founder – Helen Fraser

A story of passion and purpose, Curly & Co Hair was brought to life by Helen Fraser in 2018. As a curly-haired girl herself, Helen's daily dance with nature was one she enjoyed. Her sister, however, was a different story. Helen’s sister was her first ‘real’ curl care client, and after she shared a few newly learned tips inspired by the Curly Girl Method® with her sister, after a few months, Helen’s sister was loving her curls for the first time in her life!

With fundamental curl worshipping values and years of mainstream hairdressing under her belt, Helen fulfilled her desire to create a new guest experience and curl journey… and so, Curly & Co Hair was initiated.

At Curly & Co Hair, your curls are not just a part of you; they're a testament to your very own unique look, code and charm. We invite you to join a space where curls are not just treated but celebrated; and embark on this journey of curl discovery and self-love with us. Welcome to the family—where your curls are worshipped, and your authentic beauty is celebrated every day.
We worship your curls.