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Curly Hair Salon

Do you have curly hair? Our experienced team will work with your natural curls to create a flattering style that makes the most of the stunning hair you were born with! At Curly and Co Hair we simply worship curls and use only the highest quality organic products. Our salon opened in 2018 to specialise in products and hairdressing techniques for curly hair.

The Curly and Co Hair story begins with our owner, founder and fellow curly girl, Helen Fraser. As an experienced hairdresser with near 30 years in the business (not to mention a beautiful head of gorgeous, naturally curly hair, herself) Helen is passionate about cutting and styling curls. Helen is the creative force behind our salon, developing her comprehensive range of curly hairdressing skills in the best Gold Coast salons.

As one of only few curly hair salons in Australia, Curly and Co Hair, offers a five star exclusive hairdressing experience for young and old. Walk in to our salon and feel confident we’ve done all the research for you. When it comes to the best way to cut, cleanse, condition and dry your curls, trust us, we know what to do. From the moment you arrive, all you curly girls and guys will feel right at home.

Curly Hair Salon Tweed Heads

We do no razoring, no thinning, no texturizing, or use any method that will stress your hair. If your hair is recovering from chemical or

heat damage or breakage and you don’t want to lose much length we’ll simply recommend a trim every 8 weeks. Yet often, when cared for properly your curly cuts can range between 2-8 months.

Our combination of dry style cut, treatment and special drying technique results in a more even and smoother curl formation.

Our salon is designed to make your hairdressing appointment as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Contact Curly and Co Hair at Tweed Heads and begin your journey towards beautifully cut and conditioned curls, today.



What is the Curly Girl Method®?
The Curly Girl Method® recommends avoiding sulphates, silicones and drying alcohols while caring for your naturally curly hair. This method advocates tried and tested techniques and products to make the most of your curls.
What products do you use at Curly and Co Hair?
We use sulphate free Innersence, Everescents, Uncle Funky's Daughter, Jessicurl products specifically created for curly hair. Some of our hair care collection contains the finest plant based and certified organic ingredients. We’re so excited to introduce you to our products and we’re sure that you’ll absolutely love them too!
What is so different about cutting curly hair?
At Curly and Co Hair we are specialists in cutting curls! Hairdressers are traditionally trained to cut straight hair, rather than curly hair. Today a select few curly hair specialists, like us, are leading the way in cuts for curly heads. Cutting curls requires a unique way of handling the different characters of curl found throughout an individual’s scalp.
Do you cut my curly hair wet or dry?
We cut hair dry, in its natural state, on day one after your wash day to ensure fantastic results.
Is my naturally curly hair professional enough for work?
Yes, of course it is! Our method of treating and cutting your curls will show you how to take your hair from office to after hours, every day.
How can I colour my hair and maintain its good health?
We only use low level lighteners and conditioning glazes at Curl and Co Hair on the Gold Coast. Staying as close to your natural colour as possible, is key to ensuring your curls look amazing every day!