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Leave in moisturizer. Curly Girl Friendly Revitafoam is a multi-purpose, moisture only foam for disentangling & enhancing hair elasticity – its unique leave-in formula delivers instant positive results that feels good and looks good.
Great refresh product used with water.

Revitafoam immediately adds moisture and improves hair condition and appearance.  Protects from the sun and heat, giving instant results by minimising dryness, enhances hair elasticity in a weightless way.

  • Gives instant visual results – without being greasy or heavy
  • Disentangler on long hair
  • Deter fly-away ends
  • Minimise effects of sun and chlorine
  • Can be used daily
  • Hair feels good and looks good
  • In very fine hair - Can be used as an alternative to conditioner to add moisturize after shampooing (lowpoo).

Hair Types:

Strongly recommend most suitable for fine and low density hair. However, suitable for all hair types including wave, curly, kinky coily, coloured treated, and short or long hair. Perfect for chlorine or beach swimmers.


Simply shake can well and apply walnut size amount to hand, rub hands together to activate foam into cream and spread evenly onto hair.

After low poo or cowash apply to wet or dry hair though midlengths and ends. Apply gel over top and style as usual.

As refresh mist with water spray apply to lightly misted hair though midlengths and ends or over halo. Air dry or defuse dry.


Purified Water, Hydrocarbon Propellant, Propylene Glycol, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Cetyl Alcohol, Coltsfoot Extract, Calcium Pantothenate, Butylene Glycol,Wheat Bran Lipids, Ethoxydigol, Fragrance,