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No More Hair Discrimination 

California recently passed a bill protecting employees from hair discrimination at work. While I’ve yet to hear of anyone losing a job over their curls here on the Gold Coast or Northern Rivers, some of my Curly and Co clients say they  straighten their hair to “look more professional”.

Any workplace implying clean, curly hair has anything to do with competence is completely outdated.  Besides, curls can totally complete that professional look! Take curl queen, Lorraine Massey, for example. In a nutshell Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl Method was born from the scorning of her gorgeous curls! On Lorraine’s first day on the job, management told other staff to “do something with that woman's hair” (!!) 

Thankfully, the perception that curls are unprofessional is changing. I know many successful, female professionals who wear their curly hair with pride—especially after coming into our Gold Coast salon for sulphate and silicone free Everescents Organic Hair Care treatment and other curly hair specialist services!

 The new law in the US, proposed after a woman refused to cut her “messy” dreadlocks, prompted a world wide discussion about racial discrimination and also about workplace expectations for employees with naturally curly hair.  

Talking about society’s ideals about hair is a fantastic development. It’s a conversation about authenticity, self-acceptance and social progress. For centuries, we’ve been told to keep our curls tightly controlled, or completely out of sight, rather than risk appearing unkempt. Finally, when it comes to the rights of those with curly hair, society is relaxing the rules. Our curls are beautiful and it’s time to throw away the bobby pins and the straighteners and love what we see in the mirror.

In fact, the current kinky coily haired Miss America, Miss Teen USA and Miss USA are showing the rest of us how it’s done. Defying pageant tradition, these women are wearing their hair in its naturally curly state, rather than the usual flowing weaves and extensions that emulate the hairstyles of some of their fellow straight haired contestants. 

When I see a client embrace his or her curls at any age it makes me so happy. Let’s face it, social progress when it comes to hair has a lot to do with learning to accept ourselves for who we are.

Following the passing of the anti-discrimination legislation in the US, known as the CROWN Act—a fitting acronym that stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair—schools and businesses will offer grooming policies encouraging inclusion and diversity. What a great result!

Whatever your cultural background, how you choose to wear your hair is a personal one. Once upon a time kinky curls may have been deemed unacceptable by society’s standards, but attitudes like this are no longer acceptable. 

It helps to have access to a great hairdresser and range of products developed for the particular needs of curly hair. Social change only happens with continued education and awareness—so feel free to share our blog!

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